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Quality system

Quality Policy

Quality of survival, reputation and development, excellence, to create better, wholeheartedly, the pursuit of respect, the pursuit of perfection, beyond expectations is my business has always been the purpose of customer service.

Quality Objectives

(1) The quality requirements of wear-resistant refractory materials are leading in China.

(2) Reliable quality and high availability during the warranty period.

(3) the image of the product to show the image of the enterprise.

Quality Commitment

(1) Our company guarantees that the products provided meet the relevant international, national and enterprise product technical standards, and meet the specific requirements of customers: the products have good safety, reliability, economy and timely delivery during operation after the completion of masonry.

(2) The products are manufactured, inspected, delivered and serviced in strict accordance with the company's quality system constituted by the documents involved in the Quality Assurance Manual, and in accordance with the standard requirements of the Main Technical Parameters of Wear-resistant Refractory Materials.

Contract Review

(1) Establish and implement a contract review procedure, the purpose of which is to review the legality, rigor and the ability of the supplier to meet the contract requirements of the final contract, so as to prevent economic risks to the enterprises of both parties.

(2) The content of the contract review: the legality, rigor and economy of the contract. Review of technical quality and acceptance and supply capacity of products.

Contract assurance after review

(1) The requirements are clearly defined and documented.

(2) Any inconsistencies and requirements with the tender have been resolved.

(3) Have the ability to meet the requirements of the contract.


1, strengthen the quality control of the procurement of raw materials, timely quality and quantity of raw materials procurement to meet the quality requirements, to meet the company's product quality requirements.

2. Evaluation of quality assurance ability: the quality inspection department is responsible for organizing the inspection and evaluation of the process, inspection and relevant departments to purchase raw materials.

3, performance evaluation: regular evaluation of the performance of sub-contractors, evaluation based on the following.

(1) Incoming acceptance results of raw materials.

(2) Quality problems reflected in the processing of raw materials.

(3) User feedback on the product.

(4) The raw materials and products required by the enterprise must be qualified in quality and performance evaluation before they can be purchased at a fixed point.

Process control

1, in the process of product formation, the main factors affecting the quality of the same, the implementation of key and preventive control, to ensure that the process is always under control, to provide users with satisfactory products.

2. Process control procedure

(1) The product shall be prepared according to the conventional process route, the process card and the process specification shall be arranged as a whole, and the production functional departments shall organize the implementation.

(2) Key and important quality products shall also be refined in process or necessary operation instructions shall be prepared to guide the manufacturing, inspection and production departments to carry out key prevention and control.

(3) Reasonable allocation and use of equipment, maintenance and maintenance according to regulations, regular inspection and approval of production equipment, and establish records to maintain continuous process capabilities.

(4) Verify and approve the process, equipment and process according to the provisions and requirements of the document, and establish records.

(5) The appropriate process parameters and product characteristics are monitored by the manufacturing department and supervised by inspectors.

(6) To evaluate the technical ability level of the operating personnel.

(7) To obtain process quality and improve process control, conduct regular process quality audits.

(8) When the relevant characteristics of process products cannot pass the subsequent process inspection and experimental verification, special process control shall be carried out, that is, in addition to the control according to the above process, the production and manufacturing equipment and testing equipment shall meet the process requirements; The operator shall have the corresponding qualifications through professional on-the-job training, have the ability to complete the process parameter monitoring work, and identify the equipment and personnel running the process, and keep the identification of qualified records and equipment, personnel records.


In the process of product manufacturing, the corresponding physical inspection and test shall be carried out according to the specified procedures and records shall be established to verify that the product meets the specified requirements.

1. The inspection and measurement department is responsible for product entry inspection, process inspection and final inspection and experiment of finished products.

2. When determining the inspection method, the degree of control and qualified evidence provided by the subcontractor shall be considered, and the unqualified products shall be returned or claimed according to the contract or agreement.

3, process inspection and experimental methods are feeding determination, inspection, patrol inspection, completion test and inspection, and verification process to meet the requirements.

4. The product is not allowed to be released and circulated until the required inspection and test are completed or the necessary reports are received and verified.

5. The company's finished product documents stipulate that all activities have been successfully completed and all data and quality certificates have been approved before the products can be shipped.

6. Inspection and test records

(1) The company shall establish and maintain product quality records indicating that the product has been inspected and tested. These records clearly indicate that the product has passed the inspection and test according to all prescribed acceptance standards.

(2) The authorized inspector responsible for product release is indicated on the product quality file record.

(3) The authorized inspector shall be authorized by the inspection department and promulgated by document.


1. Service principle: customer first, reputation first.

2. Service content

(1) Product pre-sales service content Introduce products to users and assist users in ordering and selecting products.

(2) The service in the sale of products is mainly to coordinate and solve the problems arising from the execution of the contract.

(3) product after-sales service: to assist users to do maintenance work. 2. Provide technical consultation and arrange training according to users' requirements. 3, product after-sales service. 4. Seriously receive and register letters and calls from users, and properly handle them in a timely manner. For product quality problems found in the service, determine product quality responsibilities, implement "two packages and one compensation", and conduct quality information Feedback work to improve product quality.