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after-sales service

Within two days after the contract takes effect, the technical data required by the demander, such as the production schedule of the contract goods, the packaging scheme of the contract goods, the transportation scheme, the acceptance criteria and testing methods of the contract goods, shall be mailed to the demander by express mail. During the manufacturing process of refractory materials, the demander is welcome to send personnel to supervise the production, and we shall give convenience to the demander's supervisors.

At the beginning of delivery, after-sales service personnel will be sent to the construction site to cooperate with the user to do a good job of counting the goods, and guide the unloading, handling, storage and other work, and solve relevant technical problems at any time.

At the time of shipment, the bill of lading, shipping list, certificate of conformity of the goods, inspection report, instruction manual, etc. shall be mailed to the demand side by express mail.

At the beginning of masonry, the construction personnel shall be trained free of charge, the masonry method of refractory bricks, the construction and maintenance of castable, etc., and the heating curve of the kiln shall be provided.

In case of product quality problems during the warranty period, we guarantee to deal with them in a timely manner.

After the expiration of the warranty, we still provide after-sales service, only charge for materials. after sales service hotline telephone:0371-63107091We guarantee to reply within 24 hours after receiving the call and arrive at the scene within 3 days.