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Clay brick
  • Clay brick

Clay brick

It is widely used in coke oven, regenerator wall sealing, small flue lining brick and regenerator lattice brick, furnace door lining brick, furnace roof and rising pipe lining brick, etc.

Key words:

Clay brick, high alumina brick, magnesia carbon brick



Product Description

Clay brick has a wide range of uses, and it is also a refractory product with a large output in refractory brick products. Clay bricks are made of clay clinker as aggregate and refractory clay as binder, with a content of 30-48% refractory brick products.

The refractoriness of clay brick is 1750 ℃, the expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity are low, but the thermal shock resistance is good, and the fluctuation range is large. Clay brick belongs to weak acid and has strong resistance to acid slag erosion. Poor resistance to alkaline attack, therefore, clay bricks are suitable for use as acid kiln linings.

The clay brick produced by our company is based on the production of general clay brick, using high-temperature sintering raw materials as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of auxiliary materials and some additives, after sorting, fine grinding, mixing, high-pressure molding, at about 1400 ℃ firing temperature into mullite crystal phase, so that the product has a good mineral composition, so that the product has high fire resistance, dense bulk density, low porosity, good high temperature creep performance and good volume stability.

Clay bricks are widely used in coke ovens, regenerator wall sealing, small flue lining bricks and regenerator lattice bricks, furnace door lining bricks, furnace roof and rising pipe lining bricks.


Product Parameters

Project clay brick
Al2O3% ≥ 45 40 38
Body density g/cm3 2.15 2.1 2.1
Refractory temperature ℃ 1700 1650 1600
Normal temperature compressive strength/MPa 40 35 30

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