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Insulated silicon corundum brick
  • Insulated silicon corundum brick

Insulated silicon corundum brick

Professional for rotary kiln thermal equipment and tailor-made patent products.

Key words:

Clay brick, high alumina brick, magnesia carbon brick



Insulated silicon corundum brick has excellent properties such as high strength, high abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, heat shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a patented product specially tailored for rotary kiln thermal equipment, especially as the lining material of large and medium-sized cement rotary kiln equipment. It overcomes the high thermal conductivity, poor abrasion resistance, poor thermal shock, easy peeling and deformation of equipment caused by red kiln, the use of short cycle and other aspects of the lack of insulation silicon corundum brick also has the heat insulation effect of composite products, but also alkaline products of high temperature corrosion resistance,

At the same time, it has good thermal shock stability and abrasion resistance of silicon Mo series products.

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